Characters Of Eir du'Brusai

The Who's Who of Eir du'Brusai 

**This is a long list. Pronunciation of names is included!**

My characters are many.  If you were to ask me which of them I preferred, I would not be able to choose just one.  The characters of my own creation are as dear to me as those I borrowed from my Role-Playing friends.  It is like asking me which of my children I prefer.  They're all special and they all play important roles.
While this list is going to be long, just know that each character created has a role to play. I've also included pronunciation to help.

*Note:  Characters marked with a "C" are those pulled from Legends of Cosrin.

 Alabassin Li'endrin (Al uh bass in Lee end rin) (C) -Only son of Mandorak Li'endrin and his first wife Liriel Bucht. Heir to the Relavian throne. Most people agree, he is more like his mother in both looks and temperament.

Aldhem Ni'adzul (Auld hem Nee add zool) - Eldest brother of Beroun and Kienna Ni'adzul. He passed his claim to the Paridzule throne onto his brother for many reasons, one of them being his poor health.

Beroun Ni'adzul (Bear oon) - Ruling king of Paridzule, husband to Nive Bucht. They had three children together: Senweis, Hedric and Kayta. He is son to Osirdea and Rhydwolf Ni'adzul.

Farrehn (C) (Far ehn) - This 9' tall half-ogre has a secret. He is currently a Mercenary for hire and spends most of his time with his best friend, Vendras.

Hedric Ni'adzul (Hed rik) - This handsome young man hopes to rule the kingdom of Paridzule some day.  Standing at 5'11", he has dark auburn hair and green eyes; making him the spitting image of his mother, Nive.

Kienna Ni'adzul (Key ehn uh) - Sister to Beroun, she is Kayta, Hedric and Senweis's aunt.  She is the one her brother Aldhem relies on.  When Kayta reached 17 years of age, Kienna passed her title of "Guardian of the Realm" on to her.

Kayta Ni'adzul (Kay tuh) (C) - Standing at 5'5", she has long, curly black hair and green eyes.  She's the perfect combination of her mother and father.

Laria (Lahr ee uh) (C) - An Elven Ranger, Laria has opted for the world rather than a typical Elven life.  She meets Kayta Ni'adzul and her life takes yet another turn, pulling her into adventure.  She has red hair and green eyes

Mandorak Li'endrin (Man door ack Lee ehn drin) - Currently, the ruling king of Relavia.  He has one son, Alabassin, from his first marriage to Liriel Bucht.

Nikkolani (Nee koh lah nee) (C) - He's an Elf with a thirst for making the lives of mortals miserable.  Leader of the D'raetus Pastiniir (Dee ray tus Past in eer), Nikkolani surrounds himself with the worlds most lethal assassins.  He has long black hair and green eyes.  However, for whatever reason, Nikkolani is dying.  His immortal essence is fading and no one is quite sure why.

Nive Ni'adzul (Nee vay Nee ad zool) - Wife of Beroun, mother of Kayta, Hedric and Senweis.  Always patient with her husband and children, she never stood to the forefront.  She fought in the war in her own way, not with a sword and shield like most of the Queens before her.

Senweis (Sehn ways) - The eldest daughter of Beroun and Nive Ni'adzul.  She stands at 5'8", has curly black hair and brown eyes.

 Talaver (Tahl uh ver) (C) - An Elven Knight of Sengral, Talaver portrays purity and honor through and through.  He has chosen a path different from a usual Knight and finds himself among those trying to escort Kayta safely home.

 Teresea Fershand (Tare uh see uh Fur shand) (C) - A.K.A. Nightshadow, she comes from the kingdom of Galiden.  At 5'10" she's a tall, slender woman with reddish blonde hair and green eyes.  Stepping onto the path her father once followed, she begins to make a name for herself after devoting her skills to the D'raetus Pastiniir

Tyren (Tie rehn) (C) - Tyren is a half elf.  He has long black hair streaked with white and black eyes.  He comes from a small village, the name long since lost to him.  All of his memories are filled with service to Nikkolani.  He's the right hand man of the elder Elf and helped train Nightshadow. 

Vendras (Vehn drass) (C) - This human barely escaped a plague in his homeland only to step right into another.  Trained as a fighter, he offers up his services to the one with the most coin.  He befriends Farrehn as they both travel to Moordigan, on their way to offer up their skills to the Paridzule army.

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